The Magic of the Pen and the Thespian

Both Sides of the Camera Productions, 

founded by television and film actor Markice Moore and screenwriter Dempsey Gibson has already started to generate buzz in the entertainment business!  

Markice, a working actor since 2006 based in Los Angeles California, has had prominent roles in  “The Walking Dead”,  John Singleton’s “Snowfall”  and is currently featured on Tyler Perry’s “The Paynes”. 

Dempsey, based in Kannapolis NC, began writing nine years ago. He started as a popular weekly music columnist with The Leader Newspaper in Charlotte, NC and has since written and created 14 television shows , 2 feature films and a documentary series.

Markice and Dempsey met through Dempsey’s agent in the summer of 2017 and formed Both Sides of the Camera a year later.

The team is currently working on two original series, “ Spaghetti” and “Fight for It”.  

“Spaghetti” is a thrill a frame psychological mind field that will have you addicted to binge watching and wanting more!

Among the notables in the cast for “Spaghetti” is actor/director Brad James! 

Filming on the series begins January 2019

“Fight For It” is a drama about  a man trying to stay loyal to his family,  his friends and himself surrounded by the corruption that is the fight game.

Both series were created by Markice and are co written by Dempsey. There is also a feature film in the works and Dempsey has written and created a drama series , "5 Years Down/ 5 Years Done". A show about a man who spent 5 years in prison paying a debt he didn't owe thinking he had a lifetime ahead with his daughter finding out before his release he has just 5 years left to live. Only 5 years to spend with her/ Only 5 years to take as many of those that placed him in that cell... and put them in the ground.   


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